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To the Midwest Showmen's Association
Unifying Excellence in Outdoor Entertainment 

The MSA is a dynamic community of carnival owners, operators, suppliers, and industry enthusiasts. With decades of tradition and innovation, we represent a diverse and dedicated network of professionals who bring joy, thrills, and memories to communities across the Midwest.

To Promote the rich history of outdoor entertainment 

and preserve its traditions while embracing the latest trends and technologies that make our industry thrive. The MSA provides a platform for professionals to connect, collaborate, and support each other. We are a hub for forging lifelong friendships and valuable partnerships.


We believe that our true wealth lies in our commitment to charities and community involvement. Through our events and initiatives, we give back to the communities we serve, making a positive impact on the lives of others. 

Founded In 1957

the Midwest Showmen's Association was started by a small group of men involved in the indoor/outdoor amusement profession in the area. They saw a need for a social and fraternal organization, which would give them an opportunity to meet in a commonplace during the off-season, provide a social outlet, and exchange of ideas that would be beneficial to all. 

"Our Wealth Lies in our Charities"

Scholarhip application link with photo of woman in a graduation cap.
Photo of past banquet dinner, Member in black suits.
Group of Showmen at the Showmen's rest memorial.
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